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Especially for our guests we have prepared two rooms which, considering their medieval interiors, will capture attention and amaze even the most choosy guests. Individual guests are welcome to visit us for dinner, supper, snacks or any kinds of drinks. Groups, apart from the above, can also enjoy friendly reunions at the sounds of folk music or a band.

THE INN “U HOCHOŁA” – is a spacious room which can accommodate 75 guests, it amazes visitors with its specific climate and atmosphere. Our guests may enjoy traditional Polish cuisine sitting at large marble tables on wooden benches – for bigger families (4-6 persons) and groups (8-17 persons), as well as at 2-3 persons wooden tables for single visitors.

Candlelight from candles decorating each table and a big candelabra on the main table for 17 persons, combined with folk music and a large fire-grill in the central part of the restaurant, create an unforgettable atmosphere.

The Inn welcomes especially the fans of:

  • ribs in stewed cabbage
  • shashlik –the chef’s specialty prepared of three kinds of meat
  • sirloin of beef rolled in bacon served with cranberries
  • chicken collar served in pepper sauce
  • roasted or cooked pig’s leg
  • a bowl of fried ‘pierogi’ with various stuffing and many other dishes!

THE CELLAR-TAVERN ‘U HOCHOŁA’ – is a smaller room located downstairs from the inn, you can also get there directly from the hotel staircase. The tavern can accommodate 36-46 guests (depending on tables arrangement). It is designed in stone and wood and has one big advantage: it can be reserved for a group only and the guest may enjoy themselves in their, closed company, no outsider will interrupt their party or a meeting. Special atmosphere is created by lamps which imitate torches and bas-reliefs decorate the ceiling.

The tavern menu is slightly different from the inn menu and includes such delicacies as:

  • fried ‘oscypek’ (goat cheese) served with cranberries,
  • sour soup served with an egg, sausage and bread,
  • ‘highlanders’ potato pancake,
  • potatoes roasted with bacon, onion and mushrooms,
  • pancakes with jam or cheese,
  • various kinds of spaghetti
  • and also penne pasta – Al Capone style and many other delicious dishes!

Oberża u Hochoła

Oberża u Hochoła

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Zapraszamy również do Hotelu KRYSZTAŁ

Zapraszamy również do Hotelu KRYSZTAŁ

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